curled-sideTRUBA is made from 100% recycled paperboard mailing tubes sourced at a local mill.

TRUBA was inspired by an empty paper towel roll and developed to transform the common mailing tube into a beautiful and useful object.
TRUBA, which means tube in Russian, is a shelf for charging your cell phone and holding keys, ID cards, and other small objects. Use it as a single unit or create a decorative wall arrangement. There are four different TRUBA designs, each about 3 inches in diameter and 12 to 16 inches wide. Each unit can be positioned facing front or as a cradle. Three sets of mounting holes allow the cradle position to be flipped 180 degrees for optimum location of a cord lock. Some designs include an optional cutout hook, ideal for hanging a key ring.

Some press for truba shelf

cut-out-truba-Shapes are laser-cut and then dyed, hand-finished, and coated with several layers of a protective finish.

making-truba7The brightly dyed interior contrasts with the dark, polished exterior.

truba-packageTRUBA is packaged in a second tube that doubles as a shipper; the hand-stamped graphics indicate places for positioning postage and a shipping label, making it intuitive to reuse the package as a mailing tube.