I was a design student at Parsons, when I found a discarded egg crate next to a Chinese restaurant. I developed the first version of EGG STOOL in 1996, other variations were developed in 2004.
When I come across a cast-off object that inspires me, I will often take it to my shop, cut it, dye it, or bake it, to have it take on a new meaning.

The process of making EGG STOOL is fun.
First, it is cut to particular shapes. After dying and drying, the pieces are assembled into sets. Although each one comes out slightly unique, it is 1 of 4 distinctive color themes. This process is reminiscent of weaving. Then, each object is strapped and tightened into the shape. After the final strapping and crimping, it is ready.

Egg Crate furniture is made to order. Check out prices in the store or inquire about custom sizes and colors by contacting me directly.