I help companies develop ideas into products and experiences.


industrial design

graphic design

use scenario

product / technology ideation & development

prototyping of soft and hard goods


3D rapid prototyping

engineering and testing

IP support documentation

supplier sourcing

environmentally friendly design


I utilize digital and analog tools to create award winning products.

post brake

“I am going to be very honest here and tell you that it really kinda made me emotional to see my dream so close to becoming reality…”

Eric Gold / inventor & startup owner in response to product prototype


Being a part of a creative team is what I value the most. Here are some productive collaborations I enjoyed:


SM Grotell, NYC

Key Tech, Baltimore

Direct Dimensions, Owings Mills

Kikkerland, NYC

180s Quantum Vent Running Jacket


Being an inventor, designer and entrepreneur is a lot of fun. Sometimes you get to license your product to another company, sometimes you can become a maker too. It’s very gratifying to spot a stranger using your product. Check out more product designs here

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